Tuesday, 7 January 2014

1st 21st Century Problem- Global Warming

Global warming will lead to severe climate change. Unless stopped, it will upset the basic control mechanisms of planet Earth. Here are some various examples as to why global warming will affect Earth tremendously.

1. The amount of oxygen dissolved in the oceans may decline, with adverse consequences for ocean life.

2. There is strong evidence that global sea level rose gradually over the 20th century.There are two main factors that have contributed to observed sea level rise. The first is thermal expansion: as ocean water warms, it expands. The second is from the contribution of land-based ice due to increased melting.

3. Climate change will impact agriculture and food production around the world due to: the effects of elevated CO2 in the atmosphere, higher temperatures, altered precipitation and transpiration regimes, increased frequency of extreme events, and modified weed, pest, and pathogen pressure. In general, low-latitude areas are at most risk of having decreased crop yields.

4. Droughts have been occurring more frequently because of global warming and they are expected to become more frequent and intense in Africa, southern Europe, the Middle East, most of the Americas, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

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