Wednesday, 8 January 2014

3rd 21st century problem - Education for Tomorrow

Does education need to change in the next 20 years?

"Education has to change, because in theory education needs to reflect the challenges of the society into which young people are entering."-Richard Gerver-

The problem: 

Who said that education now is perfect? I feel that there are many flaws in today's education system.

Firstly, I'd like to address how education as of now is focusing too much on getting good grades. 

Think about it. Students may be studying hard, but for what? Examinations. There should be a better reason for students to be doing their best in school, shouldn't there?

I strongly believe that the education system now is biased. It makes certain people's lives "more difficult" in a way. I'll now explain why. Everyone is different, as they all say. We all have our own unique talents and qualities. There certainly are people who have talents that allow them to get good grades, but what about the others who have talents totally unrelated to that at all (sports etc.)? Wouldn't it be unfair to them? Those people will then have to work extra hard for them to score well for examinations.

The extra fact that society is very judgemental makes things worse. Get amazing grades and top the class, you're a genius, you're smart. Fail your subjects and you "fail in life", are "stupid", etc. This might potentially lead to discrimination among students.

There are many other flaws in today's education system, but I felt that the above mentioned was a must. 

From this, I imagine the future's education system to be:

  • A system that allows student's talents/potential in different aspects to be realised and acknowledged, like how good students that excel in examinations get awards from the school/government.
  • A system that doesn't focus solely on getting good grades. 
Many may speculate that education of the future will be more "technology-based", like what SST is doing for an example. But this won't change the fact that education today is unfair, it will merely improve efficiency of learning. It isn't about what we use to learn, it is about what we learn, and if the system of judging people is fair. Thus, I think that a greater change has to be made.

Overall, it will be a system that's more "fair", where everyone will have the same rate of chances to succeed in life.

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