Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2nd 21st Century Problem: Razing of Rainforests

Rainforests are burnt almost annually due to lack of space for farming, enormous challenges for palm oil,  timber trade, green colonialism and biofuels.

This issue can lead to the loss of habitats for animals and may disrupt the ecosystem of other habitats as the animals have nowhere else to seek food and shelter.

Apart from that, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air will be higher as there are not enough vegetation to absorb impurities in the air, thus leading to more air pollution and a poorer quality in the air around the area of the burning and this might eventually spread, causing acid clouds to form as there will not be as many trees left to maintain the atmosphere around the area to remove sulphur dioxide and nitric oxide.

Also the razing of rainforests will loosen the soil as the roots of the trees were holding them together. As the soil is loosened, it may erode and be washed into nearby rivers or lakes during heavy rainfall, thus also polluting the waterways.

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