4. Discussion

4.1 Key findings:

We found out that students studied better via interactive teaching and learnt the least when taught using the whiteboard method.

4.2 Explanation of key findings:

From the results of the test, we found out that studying via interactive teaching is the most effective method of learning. The students who learnt using whiteboard teaching gets bored more easily and tend to not focus on the task at hand. Thus , they are not able to grasp the concept as well as the other methods used.

Similarly, the students who learn via mistake are not as efficient as the students who learnt via interactive teaching, mostly due to the fact that they could not understand the topic at first so they had no idea where to start from. However, the method of interactive teaching also had its drawbacks. As that teaching method requires group work to be carried out, there were cases of conflict and also a small number of domestic squabbles that led to a few misunderstandings. This led to a reduced efficiency at some points and also prevented some pupils from learning some things.

Also, we found out that pupils preferred to study using the method of interactive teaching and did not like the method of whiteboard teaching the most. This was mostly because, according to the responses, they prefered to move around to get things done compared to just sitting there.
4.3 Evaluation of hypothesis:

From this, we can conclude that students learn better by interactive learning rather than learning by the conventional methods of teaching. We can also conclude that the students in SST learn better by tackling the problem heads on with an interactive understanding of the subject.

4.4 Areas for improvement:

We could have conducted the test more orderly as it was rather messy that day.

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