2. Methods used to obtain reliable data

No cheat codes used

~Theme: 21st Century Challenge~

They are basically ambitious and achievable that harness science, technology and innovation to solve important national or global problems and have potential to capture the public's imagination.


So if this is the problem that the earth faces (maybe), first we have to collect data on the issue like:
- How many floors are there in every household on average?
- How long does the battery last?

So usually, the best method to obtain such information would be this

A survey would be the most efficient method to determine the average number of floors in every household (excluding single level houses) and for the laptop battery life, we could request help from laptop manufacturers such as dell, apple and linux etc

After the data is collected, the useless stuff would have to be sieved out of the chunk of useful information we actually need. Once that is done, the solution will be pondered over according to how severe the problem is and BAM solution.

The following above is just a brief summary on what we will do although methods might and will vary. More detailed information will be added on with some time.

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