Who we are

Our group comprises of 4 members:
  1. Kenric Tan Yi Cong(Leader)
  2. Bryan Lee Xu Zhou
  3. Chow Yu Hin
  4. Bryan Goh Hong Wei

We chose Kenric as our leader because he has fantastic leadership capabilities and excels in Science. As a group, we thought these two qualities are must-have in the leader for this particular project.

Brief and short intro of ourselves below:
  • Cca
  • Interest
  • How we plan to contribute
  • What we learn from IRS last year that can be applied for our new project

Bryan Lee: My name is Bryan Lee and my CCA is badminton. I like soccer. I hope to be able to put in all my best in everything I am assigned.  

Kenric: Name's Kenric. Im in Dance and Choir and I have a passion for crafting and freestyle dancing. As the group leader, I hope to help the group by properly making the right decision and assisting in whatever way I can to help my teammates while finishing my task at hand. Last year, I realised that one must always keep up-to-date with members of the group to ensure optimum efficiency.

Chow Yu Hin: My name is Chow Yu Hin. I am in the Robotics Club. My interests are building robots and playing soccer. I will put in all my effort for the group and contribute as much as possible. Also, I will cooperate with my group to achieve our goals.

Bryan Goh: My name is Bryan Goh and my CCA is Football. I like watching Anime very much. I plan to contribute to my group’s success by cooperating to the best of my abilities with the leader, Kenric. Last year, I’ve learnt that communication is the most important aspect to every project and so I’ll make sure my group understands everything we’ve been discussing about every now and then.

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